Lily- In the Mood for Love: The Importance of Cinematography and Sound

I have recently become inspired by film. I will admit I am new to film and have many to watch to become well versed in it, but I already have a few of my favorites. I present to you a trailer for the most beautiful film I have seen in a long time, In the Mood for Love. Though no conversation or narration exists in the trailer, the images alone reveal the premise of the film. Directed by Wong Kar-Wai partnered with Chris Doyle as the cinematographer, In the Mood for Love was a refreshing film for me, especially in today’s world where many films are shot without a great focus on the visual impact of an image on a screen. Doyle’s work here is stunning, reminding us that when we work with video, every shot should be as captivating as a still photo. He reminds us of the importance of framing an image even in a dynamic medium like video and also shows us how the smallest part of a scene, for example feet walking down a hallway, can covey a much greater message.

The music in the background of the trailer is a sound motif that emerges at specific scenes of the film. The intertwining of the images and the music convey how we can use more than one medium to create a narrative. Art today is no longer simply a painting or a sculpture. Art involves various forms of media orchestrated to form a richer narrative than a single medium piece alone.




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