3 thoughts on “Down Town, New York, 1947

  1. I love the story that this picture projects! Everything in this picture seems to me like this man’s life is lonely, sad and cut off from the rest of the world. The way that there is nobody in sight even though it seems like he is in a crowded city is really interesting. I also noticed that all of the windows around him have the shades pulled down and some of them even have bars on them. This could represent the man being shut out of society with no way to get in. The black and white colors and the way that he is sitting down and hunched over also gives me the feeling of loss of hope for him. Awesome photo!

    • I like all the square and rectangular shapes- the windows, the doors, the bricks and the cinder blocks. The building and the spaces between them.
      A lot of hard edges. I do not want to over analyze the psyche of this man. Maybe he just felt like sitting down to study the cat. In the scheme of things he may seem very small, and insignificant….but not to that cat.


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