lies that i choose to believe

the following is an anonymous list of lies, in no particular order, that individuals in the class choose to believe.
this list was compiled on Friday, September 23, 2011.

* we believe that we are happy because it makes life easier, but mostly we are unhappy
* the universe is a safe place, the world is in fact small & my youth will never end
* there is beauty and goodness in everything
* work gets in the way of life
* resistance & goodness within the system
* i have control over what happens in my life
* when somebody says they are okay, even when they may not be
* religion
* i deserve god’s love
* true love never dies
* we have freedom of choice, but we are not free
* you can have friendships with people you don’t trust
* empathy

scientology's polygraph test machine, "e-meter"


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