steffen kugel: artist lecture and related student work: 8-18 Nov 2011

On Tuesday, November 8, artist, Steffen Kugel visited the class via Skype from Stuttgart, Germany. Kugel presented a lecture about the process of painting, tracing the trajectory of his own development.  Students were asked to engage in a similar process, creating abstract compositions, over-painting their compositions and repeating this process until a point of frequential satisfaction had been achieved.  The following are images of the various stages of the students’ projects along with documentation of Kugel’s lecture:

Steffen Kugel Bio:
Born in Ludwigsburg, Germany, 1982, Steffen Kugel studied at the State Academy of Fine arts in Stuttgart, Germany with Peter Chevalier and with Daniel Richter at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Austria.  Kugel has participated in numerous exhibitions and projects, including “onenightride=paroda+garsas,” Fluxus Ministerija, Vilnius, Lithuania; ,,nnot“ Golden Pudel Club, Hamburg, Germany; “nuovo vago,” Villa Floreal, Cadegliano, Italy; “schwierige naturen,” Christine König Galerie, Vienna, Austria; “seance,” Mobius, Boston; and “cash l’enfants,” Bordeaux, France.  Kugel currently lives and works in Stuttgart, Germany.

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