Amy’s Final Project Update

Okay, so to start from the beginning, the “problem” I was originally inspired by was the stigma surrounding mental illness and the way mental illnesses are viewed, generally, by society, more specifically I wanted to examine the underlying societal beliefs surrounding eating disorders. My midterm proposals were more related to mental illness, but as I explored the ideas deeper and began discussing my ideas with Amanda and Lily, I realized that while I started here, this was really a jumping off point for me to figure out that what I really wanted to explore was body image. My idea has evolved to taking a critical look at the media and it’s subsequent effects on body image and how women see themselves. My midterm proposals were mostly in the forms of photography and collage, and while I still plan to incorporate those ideas, my ideas have expanded and I realize that now it makes more sense to present my project in the form that a lot of media takes- through video. I began by just collecting images and videos and anything that inspired me or disgusted me or evoked some kind of emotional response. I’ve started compiling images of women in advertisements, magazines, etc. all together so the viewer is hit with one image after another. I want to evoke this overwhelming feeling in the viewer that women get with these messages thrown at them constantly. I have also added in some text and voiceover on the topic of ads and media and how women are portrayed. Some of this text I have found and I hope to write some of my own to add in, as well. Id like to be able to incorporate some video clips into my project, but I’m not sure how to do this without disrupting the flow I have going with the images and text. It is taking me a lot longer than I expected to obtain and compile all these images into a movie editing software, but I am really excited with the progress I am making! Amanda and I discussed the possibility of presenting my project on a TV (even closer to the way this media is often consumed) and I went to TuftsRecycles to see if I could find one, but there was only one huge one there that was beaten up and broken. So, Im imagining that I will be presenting my project with the projector on the last day of class. Because I am making a video, Im not sure what images or documentation to include, but I took a few pictures of some of the images compiled into iMovie and included that. I also took a picture of one of the text slides to give you an idea of what I am thinking. The way I am going to incorporate the text is still up in the air and might change.


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