Mario-My Art Project

Hey Art as Process folks. Here’s my update on my project:

I first thought of my idea for my project while I was painting the cannon one night. I wanted to photograph paint being thrown on someone. I would be put in a small room with a camera and have paint thrown at me as the camera flashed and took pictures every five or so seconds. I saw this as an aesthetically pleasing art piece and not really as any sort of overarching statement about society, but the more that I thought about it, the more I realized how pissed off I was at various things in the world. I dislike how people are so obsessed with their perception in the world, and how much oppression and lies exist in the world. I wanted to show this in my art and expose the truth that is difficult to obtain in our world.

Rather than preach or write an academic essay, I wanted to create something visually pleasing and different without being too heavy-handed. I felt like paint was an amazing medium to show this; paint can dramatically alter the look of objects in our world, but the objects and the world are still the same underneath. As the saying goes, “you can’t put lipstick on a pig.”

The camera flash is meant to be a brief glimpse into truth and the colors of the paint represent the disobedience (which I view as good) of movements that aim to take the power away from the black-and-white tyranny of those who hold power in this world.

I submitted my proposal and received excellent feedback from Amanda, Lily, and all of you guys. Amanda sent me a very interesting writing about “the spectacle” of our world. Essentially, it was talking about the lenses that we all view our world through and how they can deceive us to cause us to see different things depending on our personal views. I realized that my project could be changed a little bit and really illustrate my views better. I would now sit outdoors—a more worldly, physical area than a man-made room—and wear sunglasses, much like the lenses through which we all perceive our world. I would be bound by rope like we are bound by perception and oppression, and I would have paint thrown on me against my will with no way to stop it, just as we go through this world with things done to us against our wills.

A video camera and a strobe light would be set up to capture the event and stills from the footage would be chosen and arranged in a sequence of ten images interspersed with art that I created that illustrated scenes from my favorite short story in which a man stands up to those who attempt to silence and control him and dies because of it. I will add to this sequence of art and photography excerpts from the short story, printed out, with blood and paint splattered all over them The series will be about 20 frames, with the top part depicting a combination of the painting process and the art showing the shot to the head, and the bottom part a combination of the painting process and excerpts from the short story, with the excerpts falling beneath the art of the shot to the head. Though the protagonist of the story is killed, his death allows him to recall something lost from memory for the last 50 or so years—something he loved, something flawed, something beautiful—that oppression had taken from him.

I’ve attached photographs of my concept art of the project and of possible areas where it will take place. A wooded forest or in front of the cannon, where my silhouette between splattered paint will be left after the project is done, are the two most likely candidates.


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