Brennon and His Final Project

The initial inspiration for the design aspect of this project came from a toy I had in my bedroom as a child. It was composed of several square, transparent sheets aligned in a row. Each individual sheet was insignificant, but aligned in the correct order, an underwater seascape was revealed. My first idea involved a large scale version of this, but with the addition that the pieces weren’t aligned in a row. I then built a scale model of this proposal, and realized several flaws came about in the process. The poles used to hold the pieces obscured much of the view, and it was obvious which direction was the correct direction to view from. Thus, in the full scale version, the poles are less significant, and the pieces are more random and scattered. I’ve currently built the full scale model, but have yet to paint it. As it has turned out, the pieces are well spread out and randomly distributed, but I would have liked the pieces to appear in pattern that suggested a freeze-frame explosion instead.You can see the pictures of the scale model, and current full model below:

For the image displayed on the project, I originally considered the contrast between man/machine, and nature. This reminded me of my passion for nature, and my worry for the environment. Thus, I chose to make the image a reminder that our planet needs help, and is in trouble. I’ve yet to finalize the design, but I expect it to consist of few or no words, and a simple picture. For example, it may read “Earth Depletion”, with a picture of the earth, but have part of the earth missing. A more simple idea is a circle of hands, linked together, but one hand missing from the circle.


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