Brittany’s Final Project

My final project focuses on the concept of home and how this idea has evolved and grown over the years.  I was inspired to create this piece of art because it combined what I have been personally thinking about ever since I moved to Boston from California.  This project idea was personal to me because I have moved around a lot in the last two years, spending every summer in a different place as well as last spring moving to South Africa for 6 months.  This project also appealed to me because it is tied to my interest in the overarching concept of home and space in our society-especially exploring the roles women and men play in the American home.  Through my research I made lists, and did many free-writes, exploring this concept of home.  The artists Amanda and Lily suggested I look at were also inspiring and thought provoking in terms of my final project.  This week being at home in California has allowed to me to critically think about what this place I come from really means, and how this meaning has changed over time.  I started to collect magazine cutouts, articles and videos-many of which dealt with the actual space of the modern home, and other media dealt with the expected role of the woman in society, marriage and the home.  I was not sure how my project would manifest but this week while at home, the process of having others do the exercise detailed below, allowed me to come up with an idea of creating a three dimensional structure out of cardboard, the front depicting a modern American home, while the back of the structure depicts intertwining paths in which all is distorted.  Before I left for break, I went to the recycling center and found cardboard, as well as other materials such as a keyboard to pull apart.  This project has evolved over time from my original midterm proposal, because I now want to add a media aspect to the final project.  I want the front of the structure, where the door would normally be, to be a space for a screen in which pictures as well as short videos will be displayed of different people in my life discussing their notion of home.  I am still home in California and cannot include photos of the structure I am building just yet.  I have photos that I took of my actual home as well as lists of words and photos of the drawings myself, and friends and family did exploring “home” as well as this notion completely distorted.  In a lot of what I discovered in research, home seems to be a comfortable space but on some level, also a space one is imprisoned to through various mediums.  I became increasingly interested in technology and our dependance to it, and how this connects us to our actualized space in our home.

In my process I made word lists in different contexts such as: institution, made-up, comfort, family, fleeting, safe haven, woman as passive and submissive, man as the worker and dominant; travelling, adventure, crushing the definition, feeling lost, not able to find my way home again; cooking, classes, homework, Fairmount, college, drinking, friends, feeling anxious.

I want to construct the “American home” covered in collage, drawing, recyclable materials etc., and I was able to partially film the  “American Thanksgiving” at home this week.  I was able to do so in an honest way, and this will be portrayed through the structure on a screen.  Below are photos I took while home, as well as videos from Thanksgiving.  Also attached are my own drawings and selected drawings from family members exploring the notion of home vs. the same thing yet perverse and distorted.

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