Marissa’s Project

My current project is very different from my original proposals.  Initially, I came up with projects that conveyed societal issues, particularly ones related to psychology.  Amanda helped me realize that my issue was that I was too focused on the end results and exactly how I wanted it to turn out.  The whole point of this class is to examine the process of making art, and I lost sight of that.  I decided instead to go back to one of my original ideas.  I wanted to do a project that involved dancing and movement because dancing is one of my hobbies, but I wanted to show this movement in a unique way.

For my project, I am having people dip their feet in paint and dance on a large piece of paper.  I am still in the process of figuring out the logistics and how I want to go about doing this, so I have done several trial runs.  In my first attempt, I used the paper from the large roll that we have in the art building just to see how it would work.  I tested it out myself and found that the paint made my feet stick to the paper, which really restricted the freedom and fluidity of my movement.







Next I tried it again on absorbent paper I got from Home Depot.  This worked much better, so I had other people try it too.  Each person danced on the paper individually, leaving time for the paint dry between dancers.  I was pretty happy with the way this turned out.







Now that I knew this would work, I wanted to experiment with different techniques.  For the next trial, I had everyone dance together on the paper at the same time, and the results were a little different.







I want to do a few more trials before deciding on a technique to use for the final presentation.  I will try using a larger sheet of paper so that the dancers have more room and freedom, and I will experiment with playing different types of music for the dancers.  I also might try watering down the paint a little because in the first few trials everyone had to dip their feet in the paint several times as it rubbed off even in the course of one dance.  Overall, I’m trying to focus more on the process and learning about movement and interactions through this, instead of worrying too much about what the final product will look like.


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