Final Art Reflection

Final Project Reflection: Going Home

My final art as process project was introspective and personal, and had a profound impact on me.  Reflecting back on the experience, I was eager to go into the process with the display in mind.  It took me some time to realize that it was all about the process and I needed to let go and just start to reflect on the concept of home and how many definitions and faces it can take on.  From the beginning of the semester, I started to collect materials such as magazine cutouts, pictures and lots of media, which interested me.  I drew and painted often and my creations did not always have a common theme.  I did interviews with my family, friends and classmates and took many videos and pictures while I was at home in California for Thanksgiving.  Although it took some time, I found the thread in my research file, which ultimately dealt with the tension between feeling comfortable where you are versus feeling lost in an abyss.  This was a powerful epiphany and allowed me to start thinking about my personal relationship with this tension and more specifically my relationship to the home, and how this is an ever-changing definition unique to each person.

            Once I collected all sorts of material associated with this concept, it came to life in the actual process of creating the piece.  I learned a lot about myself and in the process my distinctive relationship with “home” began to register.  I had many different ideas dealing with not only my own life but also with the place of the house as an institution and the definition of home in our society.  I collected media pieces, which dealt with the role of women in the home, as well as technology.  I wanted to tie everything into my piece somehow and in the end I felt very empowered by the final manifestation.  Honestly, I can’t explain all aspects of my piece because a lot of it came from somewhere deep inside and I can’t make sense of it all.  This is somewhat frustrating as someone who is always looking for the concrete answer, but I ended being very happy with this, and was inspired by the idea that viewers of the piece can create their own narratives about what it might represent.    


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