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2 thoughts on “occupy?

  1. These are some photos I took the first time I went down to visit occupy Boston, and photos I thought were really interesting that i found through some research I have been doing online. I wanted to do my project on something related to occupy movement because I have been studying and care so much about politics, resistance, activism etc… and yet I never actually do anything active that reflects my ideals or beliefs. I thought it would be interesting to somehow document my place out- side of this movement, because I admire those who are so involved and invested in a desire to create change. In some ways, I feel that I am equally invested in this desire, and yet I never actually do anything that reflects that core belief I have. I cannot shut out the rest of the world, I feel closely connected to injustices, to corrupt and failing systems, and I want to do work in my life time that I feel passionate about and that reflects my beliefs. At the same time, my spirit of competition, and my naturally ambitious nature somehow always pull in a direction that I am somewhat ambivalent about. I wanted to document my own captivity within the capitalist system in comparison to those who are protesting to illustrate my own failing, and their success, as resisting these forces. Any yet, I also believe happiness is important, and that each individual must do what will make them both happy and fulfilled. At this point in my life I can still say that what I will do, while perhaps not radical, may be to resist within the system. I can resist while following a path well traveled, by accruing some sort of power, while maintaining my values, beliefs, and aspirations for the world at large. But this stance is somewhat troubling to me, and I fear it may be a cop-out of some sort. At this stage I am still on the fence – not so much about which direction I will go, because it seems semi- clear to me at this point that I am not destined for anything so radical as life in a tent in the middle of a city. But even within a more mainstream route, I still have so many decisions that lay before me. I guess I want my project to somehow reflect the forces that are pulling my in different directions, towards the spirit of this movement, but also towards so many other directions that may or may not lead to both happiness, fulfillment, and positive change in the world.

  2. I added more photos after spending the afternoon at Occupy Boston this Saturday. I noticed that the camp had grown much bigger since the last time I was there, and the amount of artwork around the camp had also greatly increased. I got a chance to talk to a guy who was organizing all the signs around camp – it was really cool to see a tent full of signs, artwork made by so many different people, that was just left there for anyone to use or put up as they liked. I told him about my idea for a project and mostly everyone I talked to was concerned about the logistics of the project, but they all really like the idea itself.


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