1 thought on “Women, the media, and beauty in our society

  1. I really enjoyed the first and second videos. The Aoki art is particularly interesting, because, growing up, I watched a lot of The Powerpuff Girls, had PPG-themes pajamas, and a PPG-themed 10th birthday party. I never considered that the “secret” to their strength and ability was the accidental application of “Chemical X”, implying that their abilities are both supernatural and unearned. The Professor character, with his “Mr. Mom” persona, doesn’t give me as much headache as the PPG. Also, can we examine Ms. Bellum (from the show), and how completely objectified she was?? They only ever showed her from the mouth down, with big red hair, a body that would put an hourglass to shame, and a perfect red pout. Problematic? Yes.



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